Woodforest National Bank was founded in 1980. It is a private owned community bank with a headquarter in the Woodlands, Texas. There are about 700 branches. All of them are located in about 15 different states. Some of them are open round-the-clock all year round. It provides services for both small business and consumers. It offers different types of credit and financial services. This bank supports both technically and financially over 350 different organizations. Because they work and live in the areas they serve, the bank can identify ways to assist people who need it the most including finding a path to homeownership to the American dream.

  • Find Branch Locations and Hours
  • Website – www.woodforest.com
  • Customer Service Telephone – 1(877) 968-7962
  • Routing Number – 113008465   (Texas)
  • Swift Number – Woodforest does not makes part of SWIFT network.

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